Education Catering

Education Catering

Rumbles partners with a number of schools nationally to provide the students and staff with healthy, nutritious and balanced food offerings. We create healthy menus that are approved by staff and students so that everyone is satisfied. We currently provide meals to over 2,000 students and adults daily throughout the school year through breakfast clubs, lunch, and after-school clubs.

We provide education catering using custom-built kitchens within the schools.  Our qualified, friendly catering team cook fresh every day on-site.


Cereals such as Weetabix, Corn Flakes, and Bran Flakes served with fresh fruit such as bananas, apples and oranges are served to the students to ensure they are getting a balanced breakfast each day.

Wholegrain Rolls served with ham, turkey or chicken are provided each day as well as water, orange juice or milk.

Hot meal + drink
One serving meat, poultry, egg, beans plus one serving potatoes, pasta or rice. Plus two servings of vegetables/fruit and a drink (Milk, Water, Unsweetened Juice)

Nutritional standards document

Hot school meals

The Hot School Meals initiative operates in schools and aims to provide regular, nutritious food to children who are unable, by reason of lack of good quality food, to take full advantage of the education provided for them. It is an important component of policies to encourage school attendance and extra educational achievement by children, particularly those from the most disadvantaged background.

Food intake during the day is usually divided across breakfast, lunch, dinner and food consumed between meals (snacks). As a wider range of foods is usually consumed at lunch, about a third of the total daily energy intake is recommended.

Portion sizes should be age-appropriate and a guide for primary schools would be to serve at least half an adult portion at the beginning of primary school, moving towards a full adult portion size toward the sixth class.

School Meals